At Bridal Cars Tagaytay, we’d like to ensure our highest standards of safety and customer satisfaction, particularly so with every bridal car rental of ours. As such, booking one of our bridal cars binds you to our Terms and Conditions:
BCT Section Headers - Terms and ConditionsNote that you will receive a comprehensive copy of our Terms and Conditions upon signing up for one of our bridal car rental packages.

— You must provide one (1) valid ID before renting any of our bridal cars.

— Full payment is required before rental date.

— Change of booking schedules are subject to a rebooking fee, as well as availability.

— Additional fees apply in the event you’ve used the bridal car past the agreed-upon time.

— You will exercise caution and best judgement using our vehicles.

— The vehicle may not be used for any purpose other than conveying the bride from the agreed wedding preps area to the ceremony and wedding reception venue.

— Our driver is directed to protect the vehicle against bad weather, bad road conditions and other situations that may place the vehicle or its occupants in jeopardy.

— Our driver has absolute decision for fuel to be used.

— No one else is allowed to work on the vehicle other than the bridal florist and designer.

— You have to let us know right away if you become aware of any problems with the vehicle.

— You will be ultimately responsible for for all damages caused by yourself and your passengers.

— Please mind your belongings; in the event you’ve left behind items after your contract, we’ll keep it for you, and notify you, but you have a month to claim it before we dispose of it as we see fit.

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