Bridal Cars Tagaytay provides budget-friendly, best value bridal cars for weddings, debuts and anniversaries in and around Metro Tagaytay.

Bridal Car Rentals from Bridal Cars Tagaytay.
One of our standard 2013 Pearl White Toyota Altis Units |

About Our Bridal Cars

BCT Photo Edits 247x247px - Bridal CarBudget-Friendly.  Best Value Bridal Cars For Rent.  Based in Tagaytay.

Bridal Cars Tagaytay provides bridal car rental services for weddings and wedding receptions within Metro Tagaytay. Our modest selection of pearl white Toyota models are available for you to use on your big day.

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BCT logo 2014 0412 EditThe Story Behind Bridal Cars Tagaytay

The idea of Bridal Cars Tagaytay as a business came about a year ago, at our very own Tagaytay wedding in 2013. We were already in the business of Tagaytay weddings… and up until that point, we’ve already been getting inquiries for all sorts of last-minute wedding reception items, including bridal cars.

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