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Brides and grooms are now staying later at their own wedding receptions, forgoing the classic four-hour long party in favor of an all-night bash. And while we totally understand why you would want to celebrate with your nearest and dearest until the wee hours of the morning, there’s one reason why you may want to head out before your wedding guests: They’ll be able to watch you and your new husband make an unforgettable exit in an amazing getaway car!

Whether you select a vintage ride or dress up your everyday vehicle, your getaway car — and wedding exit — is your last big opportunity to impress your guests. Sparkler send-offs, firework displays, and late-night confetti throws all have their upsides, but there’s something undeniably awesome about the classic getaway car exit. It’s not only a nod to wedding tradition (your parents and grandparents were probably seen off by wedding guests as they slipped into a decorated automobile), but leaving your reception in an adorned getaway car can feel fresh and modern, too.

From gorgeous calligraphed signs and handmade banners to lush flowering garlands and creative streamers, it’s easy to personalize your send off. And while plenty of brides will tell you that they never wanted their wedding to end, we have a feeling a picture-perfect getaway car waiting just outside your reception doors might make you feel just a little differently.

Here are 5 awesome bridal car design ideas for your Tagaytay wedding:

Bridal Car Idea. Photo from A Bryan Photo.
Adorn your getaway car with a pretty garland that fits your wedding style. This Birmingham, Alabama couple went for fluffy white hydrangeas and tons of greenery on the back of their getaway car. Photo from A Bryan Photo.
Bridal Car Design Idea. Photo by Amanda Hein.
For holiday-meets-rustic-inspired nuptials, this getaway car is appropriately decked out. A handmade chalkboard sign reads, “The Hunt is Over” while seasonal greens add the perfect pop of seasonal décor. Photo by Amanda Hein.
Bridal Car Design Idea. Photo by Brklyn View Photography.
This vintage getaway car is brimming with gorgeous flowers. A New York couple added a pretty, wooden “Just Married” sign to complete their look. Photo by Brklyn View Photography.
Bridal Car Design Idea. Photo by Jessica Burke.
For this couple’s California winery nuptials, a cool convertible getaway car was practically a must. They stop for a kiss in their perfectly decorated car — a lush garland of greenery with tops of white-and-red flowers is the perfect adornment! Photo by Jessica Burke.
Bridal Car Design Idea. Photo by The Nichols.
The bride and groom set off in their vintage, navy blue getaway car through a twinkling, tree-lined road. To dress up their ride, they added a calligraphed “Just Married” sign and a garland of bright greenery. Photo by The Nichols.

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